Monday, 3 April 2017

Mittens and blankets!

I have finished Lou's mittens that have been on the needles for quite some time and she was pleased to wear them:

Also finished is the skittles Blanket which is a joy to behold for the cheery colours and pleasure it gave me to crochet it:

 Currently I am working on the Hygge shawl which is a weekly crochet along but I am a little behind, a change of hook and getting over the first bobble week has allowed me to catch up a bit but I'm just plodding along at my own pace with this one.

I am also working on 'a Year of Techniques' and I have finished 2 pairs of Hycainthus mittens - these have flown off my needles as the helical stripes are really addictive knitting!

I am really looking forward to Aprils' instalment of this which should arrive tomorrow and involves a yarn I haven't used before which is 'cumulus' from Fyberspates. Hopefully I will be back soon to report on what it will become! 

Wednesday, 1 February 2017

New Year New Glasses

It has been a while since I was here last but life has been moving along at a pace, I seem to have Louise for more and more hours each month and it leaves little time for me to have anything exciting to share. I should have had my eyes tested last January but with everything going on they got forgotten about but got worse and worse as the months rolled by. Eventually they got bad enough to irritate me and I made an appointment ( there was a 2 month delay as they were booked up) and finally I got them checked out. Happily for me it is just age that has changed my prescription and I have now got new specs! I cannot begin to tell you how much better I can see - it is only now that I realise that it was sight preventing me from finishing some of my projects as it was too hard to read the stitches or the charts and instructions and they were put aside for easier things. Now I need to finished all of the things and it is exciting to pick them back up and rediscover the joy that was there all along! I am sharing this as a reminder to us all not to neglect our sight - it is too important!

This is one of the projects that eventually was put to one side because although it is a lovely DK weight yarn and I could easily see the stitches when I got to the border the instructions seemed to be confusing - it was just me and I have picked it back up again and there is no problem! Hopefully as I pick things up again will have more to share.

I hope all is well in your corners of blogland and I will aim to be back again soon!

Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Zodiac blanket

This is the zodiac blanket that was the 2015 last ever Natural Dye Studio blanket club which I made for Lottie  (my daughter) I finished sewing in the ends after she had moved so it was a little late but the last part wasn't released until December. I got a bit behind with my sewing in of the ends and should have been more disciplined about sewing them in each month but it's a mistake I won't be making again! I have more finished objects to share but thought I would start with this one as it was both a happy and sad project in so many ways, I know it is being loved and used as it sits on the sofa in the new house and hopefully is a cosy reminder of home.

Thursday, 22 September 2016

Just over a year!

It has been just over a year since I posted last and as ever with me when things are not good I don't come out to play. 2015 was a difficult year from start to end with Dave working away several days a week for the first nine months of it. We got to the point where we couldn't bear it any longer and he tried to resign but the company decided they would tweek the office structure to fit us better but took so long to do it! Lottie also decided the time was right for her to buy a house of her own and by December she was completing her purchase and moved house the weekend before Christmas. Christmas was a seaside affair and we all enjoyed the time we had together but January took a very serious turn and life changed for us all. The 13th saw Dave and I sat in A & E as he didn't fell well at all with pains in his chest. He had been in Cambridgeshire for a meeting overnight but felt ill and decided to come straight home. I took him to hospital where they were super nice and did all kinds of tests on him - we thought they were going to send us home until the blood tests came back and they moved us straight back to ER and put him on drips and all kinds of tablets as he was having a heart attack. The next day he had stents fitted and was able to come home again at the weekend. The whole thing was a huge shock and the road to recovery has been a twisty little path. The main thing is he survived and although he is fit and well again things will different from now on. Following some recovery time Dave felt that he didn't want to return to the stressful role he held and decided that it really was time to resign and take stock of things. Life here is a bit different now and all of the jobs in the house that had been previously put off are now being crossed off the list one by one. Who knows what the future holds but you can bet there will be knitting and crochet in there somewhere as it is the one thing that has kept me sane(ish) through this last year. I will be back again soon with some of the things I have made this last year! S x

Wednesday, 16 September 2015


Finally I have a new laptop and I can get on-line to blog easily again (I hope). I tried to have a go from my ipad but I couldn't get pictures up and what use is a blog without pictures? So here I am tinkering around and hoping I can get things to work how they should as there has been much crocheting going on quietly here in the background. The zodiac blanket has been my main focus this year and although the monthly parts have not been too onerous this year I have fallen a little behind as life with Lou can sometimes be a bit all consuming!

I thought I would test my new technology out with a quick picture of Bertie - here he is today sitting on the bed posing for a picture, he does love having his picture taken!

I hope to be back again very soon with more pictures and progress to share.

Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Blanket love!

I know it has been a very long time since I wrote anything on my blog and I can only apologise. Several things have caused blogging to be a problem, firstly Bertie chewed the cable to my laptop and as the battery is duff it has to be plugged into the mains to work. I now have a very dodgy replacement cable which uses an adapter that I am not very happy with so I only use it when I have to (hopefully a new laptop isn't too far away now) secondly I didn't actually have that much to say as my life is a bit of a mundane routine at the moment punctuated with blanket crochet which has been making slow progress! My kaleidoscope blanket is now up to October and I am fairly near to the end of that part but at the end of January the last Natural Dye Studio blanket club arrived and I was determined to keep up with it this time and complete last years at my own pace. The news arrived over Christmas that NDS is closing down this month and I was very upset, I know it sounds silly but there have been some pretty low points over the last few years and my NDS blankets have been a huge comfort to me both in the making and in the arrival of the packages so I was glad to be a part of this years Zodiac blanket. Lottie has said she would love this blanket so that is one of the reasons to need to keep up so she can have it as soon as it is done. Here is the finished February part, I just have to add on the march motifs now:

I hope everyone had a Happy Easter and I will try and be back more often with my blanket news this year. S x

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Barking mad!

It looks like life is still very much on the crazy side here but thankfully a bit of crochet saves the day! The first of October saw the end of July's part of the kaleidoscope blanket and the start of Augusts. It does seem to be a bit quicker at the moment but I believe it is down to the colours used in this months triangle. In many ways I will be sad to see this blanket finished as I have loved working with the bright colours but once it is done I can focus on finishing some of the others I have on the go.

As you can see Bertie insists on being in the picture every time, he has become a bit of a diva when I get the camera out! S x